Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, DMTCS Special Issue: STACS'98

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DMTCS vol 3 no 3 (1999), pp. 125-140

Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science


Volume 3 n° 3 (1999), pp. 125-140

author:Anna Frid
title:Applying a uniform marked morphism to a word
keywords:D0L words, HD0L words, subword complexity, functions of a word
abstract:We describe the relationship between different parameters of the initial word and its image obtained by application of a uniform marked morphism. The functions described include the subword complexity, frequency of factors, and the recurrence function. The relations obtained for the image of a word can be used also for the image of a factorial language. Using induction, we give a full description of the involved functions of the fixed point of the morphism considered.
reference: Anna Frid (1999), Applying a uniform marked morphism to a word, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science 3, pp. 125-140
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