Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 4, No 2 (2001)

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DMTCS vol 4 no 2 (2001), pp. 173-178

Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science


Volume 4 n° 2 (2001), pp. 173-178

author:Michel Habib, Christophe Paul and Laurent Viennot
title:Linear time recognition of P4-indifference graphs
keywords:P4-indifference, algorithm, recognition
abstract:A graph is a P4-indifference graph if it admits an ordering < on its vertices such that every chordless path with vertices a, b, c, d and edges ab, bc, cd has a<b<c<d or d<c<b<a. We present a linear time recognition for these graphs.
reference: Michel Habib, Christophe Paul and Laurent Viennot (2001), Linear time recognition of P4-indifference graphs, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science 4, pp. 173-178
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