Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 7 (2005)

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Some equinumerous pattern-avoiding classes of permutations

M. D. Atkinson


Suppose that p,q,r,s are non-negative integers with m=p+q+r+s. The class X(p,q,r,s) of permutations that contain no pattern of the form αβγ where |α|=r, |γ|=s and β is any arrangement of {1,2,…,p}∪{m-q+1, m-q+2, …,m} is considered. A recurrence relation to enumerate the permutations of X(p,q,r,s) is established. The method of proof also shows that X(p,q,r,s)=X(p,q,1,0)X(1,0,r,s) in the sense of permutational composition. 2000 MATHEMATICS SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION: 05A05

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