Vol 17, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


Avoiding patterns in irreducible permutations PDF
Jean-Luc Baril 13-30
Dendriform structures for restriction-deletion and restriction-contraction matroid Hopf algebras PDF
Adrian Tanasa, Nguyen Hoang-Nghia, Christophe Tollu 77-90

Distributed Computing and Networking

Robust Wireless Sensor Network Deployment PDF
Milan Erdelj, Nathalie Mitton, Tahiry Razafindralambo 105-130

Graph Theory

Vertex-Coloring Edge-Weighting of Bipartite Graphs with Two Edge Weights PDF
Hongliang Lu 1-12
The complexity of deciding whether a graph admits an orientation with fixed weak diameter PDF
Julien Bensmail, Romaric Duvignau, Sergey Kirgizov 31-42
Edge-partitioning graphs into regular and locally irregular components PDF
Julien Bensmail, Brett Stevens 43-58
Rainbow eulerian multidigraphs and the product of cycles PDF PostScript
Susana Clara López, Francesc Antoni Muntaner-Batle 90-104
Planar graphs with Δ≥7 and no triangle adjacent to a C4 are minimally edge and total choosable PDF PostScript
Marthe Bonamy, Benjamin Lévêque, Alexandre Pinlou 131-146

Special issue PRIMA 2013

Arithmetic completely regular codes PDF
Jacobus H. Koolen, Woo Sun Lee, William J. Martin, Hajime Tanaka 59-76

ISSN: 1365-8050