Vol 12, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

A divertent generating function that can be summed and analysed analytically PDF PostScript
Svante Janson 1-22
Ladder Operators and Endomorphisms in Combinatorial Physics PDF PostScript
Gerard H. E. Duchamp, Laurent Poinsot, Allan I. Solomon, Karol A Penson, Pawel Blasiak, Andrzej Horzela 23-46
Continued fraction expansions for q-tangent and q-cotangent functions PDF PostScript
Helmut Prodinger 47-64
The expected number of inversions after n adjacent transpositions PDF PostScript
Mireille Bousquet-Melou 65-88
The absence of a pattern and the occurrences of another PDF PostScript
Miklos Bona 89-102
Asymptotic variance of random symmetric digital search trees PDF PostScript
Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Michael Fuchs, Vytas Zacharovas 103-166
Asymptotics of the Stirling numbers of the first kind revisited: A saddle point approach PDF PostScript
Guy Louchard 167-184
Asymptotic results for silent elimination PDF PostScript
Guy Louchard, Helmut Prodinger 185-196
Asymptotics of smallest component sizes in decomposable structures of alg-log type PDF PostScript
Li Dong, Zhicheng Gao, Daniel Panario, Bruce Richmond 197-222
Series acceleration formulae for beta values PDF PostScript
Khodabakhsh Hessami Pilehrood, Tatiana Hessami Pilehrood 223-236
Tiling Periodicity PDF PostScript
Juhani Karhumaki, Yury Lifshits, Wojciech Rytter 237-248
Asymptotic enumeration of orientations PDF PostScript
Stefan Felsner, Eric Fusy, Marc Noy 249-262
On the analysis of ”simple” 2D stochastic cellular automata PDF
Damien Regnault, Nicolas Schabanel, Eric Thierry 263-294
On certain non-unique solutions of the Stieltjes moment problem PDF PostScript
Karol A Penson, Pawel Blasiak, Gerard H. E. Duchamp, Andrzej Horzela, Allan I Solomon 295-306
Distributional Analysis of the Parking Problem and Robin Hood Linear Probing Hashing with Buckets PDF PostScript
Alfredo Viola 307-332
Non Unitary Random Walks PDF PostScript
Philippe Jacquet 333-362
On a Class of Optimal Stopping Problems with Mixed Constraints PDF PostScript
Thomas Bruss 363-380
Combinatorial Route to Algebra: The Art of Composition & Decomposition PDF PostScript
Pawel Blasiak

ISSN: 1365-8050