Vol 10, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Analysis of Algorithms

Analysis of some parameters for random nodes in priority trees PDF PostScript
Alois Panholzer

Automata, Logic and Semantics

Leftmost Derivations of Propagating Scattered Context Grammars: A New Proof PDF PostScript
Tomas Masopust, Jiri Techet


Spanning forests on the Sierpinski gasket PDF PostScript
Shu-Chiuan Chang, Lung-Chi Chen
A Determinant of Stirling Cycle Numbers Counts Unlabeled Acyclic Single-Source Automata PostScript PDF
David Callan
Culminating paths PDF PostScript
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Yann Ponty
On symmetric structures of order two GZIP Compressed PostScript PostScript PDF
Michel Bousquet, Cedric Lamathe

Distributed Computing and Networking

Neighbor discovery in multi-hop wireless networks: evaluation and dimensioning with interferences considerations PDF PostScript
Elyes Ben Hamida, Guillaume Chelius, Anthony Busson, Eric Fleury

Graphs and Algorithms

On the size of induced acyclic subgraphs in random digraphs PDF PostScript
Joel Spencer, C. R. Subramanian
Clique-transversal number in cubic graphs
Erfang Shan, Zuosong Liang, T.C.E Cheng

ISSN: 1365-8050