DMTCS Proceedings, Discrete Random Walks, DRW'03

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The Speed of Simple Random Walk and Anchored Expansion on Percolation Clusters: an Overview

Dayue Chen, Yuval Peres


Benjamini, Lyons and Schramm (1999) considered properties of an infinite graph G, and the simple random walk on it, that are preserved by random perturbations. To address problems raised by those authors, we study simple random walk on the infinite percolation cluster in Cayley graphs of certain amenable groups known as ``lamplighter groups''. We prove that zero speed for random walk on a lamplighter group implies zero speed for random walk on an infinite cluster, for any supercritical percolation parameter p. For p large enough, we also establish the converse. We prove that if G has a positive anchored expansion constant then so does every infinite cluster of independent percolation with parameter p sufficiently close to 1;We also show that positivity of the anchored expansion constant is preserved under a random stretch if, and only if, the stretching law has an exponential tail.

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