21st International Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods in the Analysis of Algorithms (AofA'10)

Table of Contents

Regular Contributions

Cover time of a random graph with given degree sequence PostScript PDF
Mohammed Abdullah, Colin Cooper, Alan Frieze 1-20
Stochastic Analysis of the k-Server Problem on the Circle PostScript PDF
A. Anagnostopoulos, C. Dombry, N. Guillotin-Plantard, I. Kontoyiannis, E. Upfal 21-34
Bounded discrete walks PostScript PDF
C. Banderier, P. Nicodème 35-48
Multi-dimensional Boltzmann Sampling of Languages PostScript PDF
Olivier Bodini, Yann Ponty 49-64
On the diameter of random planar graphs PostScript PDF
Guillaume Chapuy, Éric Fusy, Omer Giménez, Marc Noy 65-78
Occupancy distributions in Markov chains via Doeblin's ergodicity coefficient PostScript PDF
Stephen Chestnut, Manuel E. Lladser 79-92
Analyzing a Weighted Digital Sum Variant PostScript PDF
Y. K. Cheung, Mordecai Golin 93-106
A Note on Invariant Random Variables PostScript PDF
Jacek Cichoń, Marek Klonowski 107-116
The number of Euler tours of a random d-in/d-out graph PostScript PDF
Páidí Creed, Mary Cryan 117-128
The height of scaled attachment random recursive trees PostScript PDF
Luc Devroye, Omar Fawzi, Nicolas Fraiman 129-142
Combinatorial aspects of pyramids of one-dimensional pieces of fixed integer length PostScript PDF
Bergfinnur Durhuus, Søren Eilers 143-158
Induced acyclic subgraphs in random digraphs: Improved bounds PostScript PDF
Kunal Dutta, C. R. Subramanian 159-174
Asymptotics for Walks in a Weyl chamber of Type B (extended abstract) PostScript PDF
Thomas Feierl 175-188
Finding hidden cliques in linear time PostScript PDF
Uriel Feige, Dorit Ron 189-204
Stochastic Flips on Dimer Tilings PostScript PDF
Thomas Fernique, Damien Regnault 205-218
Distributional Convergence for the Number of Symbol Comparisons Used by QuickSort (Extended Abstract) PostScript PDF
James Allen Fill 219-232
Digital Trees and Memoryless Sources: from Arithmetics to Analysis PostScript PDF
P. Flajolet, M. Roux, B. Vallée 233-260
The variance for partial match retrievals in k-dimensional bucket digital trees PostScript PDF
Michael Fuchs 261-276
The distribution of the number of small cuts in a random planar triangulation PostScript PDF
Zhicheng Gao, Gilles Schaeffer 277-288
Asymptotics of Decomposable Combinatorial Structures of Alg-Log Type With Positive Log Exponent PostScript PDF
Zhicheng Gao, David Laferrière, Daniel Panario 289-302
No Shannon effect on probability distributions on Boolean functions induced by random expressions PostScript PDF
Antoine Genitrini, Bernhard Gittenberger 303-316
Random sampling of lattice paths with constraints, via transportation PostScript PDF
Lucas Gerin 317-328
The Bernoulli sieve: an overview PostScript PDF
Alexander Gnedin, Alexander Iksanov, Alexander Marynych 329-342
Phase transitions in Proof Theory PostScript PDF
Lev Gordeev, Andreas Weiermann 343-358
Random Generation Using Binomial Approximations PostScript PDF
Dominique Gouyou-Beauchamps, Cyril Nicaud 359-372
The analysis of a prioritised probabilistic algorithm to find large induced forests in regular graphs with large girth PostScript PDF
Carlos Hoppen 373-386
Counting Markov Types PostScript PDF
Philippe Jacquet, Charles Knessl, Wojciech Szpankowski 387-400
Geometric Bucket Trees: Analysis of Linear Bucket Tree PDF PostScript
Philippe Jacquet, Paul Mühlethaler 401-414
Renewal theory in analysis of tries and strings: Extended abstract PostScript PDF
Svante Janson 415-426
The maximum of Brownian motion with parabolic drift (Extended abstract) PostScript PDF
Svante Janson, Guy Louchard, Anders Martin-Löf 427-438
Dynamic Threshold Strategy for Universal Best Choice Problem PostScript PDF
Jakub Kozik 439-452
The degree distribution in unlabelled 2-connected graph families PostScript PDF
Veronika Kraus 453-472
A symbolic method to compute the probability distribution of the number of pattern occurences in random texts generated by stochastic 0L-systems PostScript PDF
Cédric Loi, Paul-Henry Cournède, Jean Françon 473-488
An optimal cardinality estimation algorithm based on order statistics and its full analysis PostScript PDF
Jérémie Lumbroso 489-504
Partial Quicksort and Quickpartitionsort PostScript PDF
Conrado Martínez, Uwe Rösler 505-512
Square root singularities of infinite systems of functional equations PostScript PDF
Johannes F. Morgenbesser 513-526
The total Steiner k-distance for b-ary recursive trees and linear recursive trees PostScript PDF
Götz Olaf Munsonius 527-548
Ordered increasing k-trees: Introduction and analysis of a preferential attachment network model PostScript PDF
Alois Panholzer, Georg Seitz 549-564
Almost sure asymptotics for the random binary search tree PostScript PDF
Matthew I. Roberts 565-576
On unary nodes in tries PostScript PDF
Stephan Wagner 577-590
Asymptotic Rational Approximation To Pi: Solution of an ``Unsolved Problem'' Posed By Herbert Wilf PostScript PDF
Mark Daniel Ward 591-602

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