23rd Intern. Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms (AofA'12)

Table of Contents

Regular Contributions

A New Binomial Recurrence Arising in a Graphical Compression Algorithm PostScript PDF
Yongwook Choi, Charles Knessl, Wojciech Szpankowski 1-12
Approximate Counting via the Poisson-Laplace-Mellin Method PostScript PDF
Michael Fuchs, Chung-Kuei Lee, Helmut Prodinger 13-28
On death processes and urn models PostScript PDF
Markus Kuba, Alois Panholzer 29-42
Asymptotic behavior of some statistics in Ewens random permutations PostScript PDF
Valentin Féray 43-54
Asymptotics of Divide-And-Conquer Recurrences Via Iterated Function Systems PostScript PDF
John C. Kieffer 55-66
Additive tree functionals with small toll functions and subtrees of random trees PostScript PDF
Stephan Wagner 67-80
Domination analysis for scheduling on non preemptive uniformly related machines PostScript PDF
Idan Eisner, Alek Vainshtein 81-82
Enumeration and Random Generation of Concurrent Computations PostScript PDF
Olivier Bodini, Antoine Genitrini, Frédéric Peschanski 83-96
On total variation approximations for random assemblies PostScript PDF
Eugenijus Manstavičius 97-108
Some exact asymptotics in the counting of walks in the quarter plane PostScript PDF
Guy Fayolle, Kilian Raschel 109-124
Biased Boltzmann samplers and generation of extended linear languages with shuffle PostScript PDF
Alexis Darrasse, Konstantinos Panagiotou, Olivier Roussel, Michèle Soria 125-140
On the number of transversals in random trees PostScript PDF
Bernhard Gittenberger, Veronika Kraus 141-154
Generic properties of random subgroups of a free group for general distributions PostScript PDF
Frédérique Bassino, Cyril Nicaud, Pascal Weil 155-166
Matching solid shapes in arbitrary dimension via random sampling PostScript PDF
Daria Schymura 167-178
On Bernoulli Sums and Bernstein Polynomials PostScript PDF
Jacek Cichoń, Zbigniew Gołȩbiewski 179-190
Support and density of the limit m-ary search trees distribution PostScript PDF
Brigitte Chauvin, Quansheng Liu, Nicolas Pouyanne 191-200
Adaptive compression against a countable alphabet PostScript PDF
Dominique Bontemps, Stéphane Boucheron, Elisabeth Gassiat 201-218
Exactly solvable balanced tenable urns with random entries via the analytic methodology PostScript PDF
Basile Morcrette, Hosam M. Mahmoud 219-232
Locally Restricted Compositions IV. Nearly Free Large Parts and Gap-Freeness PostScript PDF
Edward A. Bender, E. Rodney Canfield, Zhicheng Gao 233-242
The weighted words collector PostScript PDF
Jérémie du Boisberranger, Danièle Gardy, Yann Ponty 243-264
A phase transition in the distribution of the length of integer partitions PostScript PDF
Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona 265-282
The Euclid algorithm is ``totally'' gaussian PostScript PDF
Brigitte Vallée 283-302
Joint String Complexity for Markov Sources PostScript PDF
Philippe Jacquet, Wojciech Szpankowski 303-322
Data Streams as Random Permutations: the Distinct Element Problem PostScript PDF
Ahmed Helmi, Jérémie Lumbroso, Conrado Martínez, Alfredo Viola 323-338
Exact L2-Distance from the Limit for QuickSort Key Comparisons (Extended Abstract) PostScript PDF
Patrick Bindjeme, James Allen Fill 339-348
The Limiting Distribution for the Number of Symbol Comparisons Used by QuickSort is Nondegenerate (Extended Abstract) PostScript PDF
Patrick Bindjeme, James Allen Fill 349-360
Stokes polyhedra for X-shaped polyminos PostScript PDF
Yu. Baryshnikov, L. Hickok, N. Orlow, S. Son 361-364
Mean field analysis for inhomogeneous bike sharing systems PostScript PDF
Christine Fricker, Nicolas Gast, Hanene Mohamed 365-376
On Greedy Trie Execution PostScript PDF
Zbigniew Gołȩbiewski, Filip Zagórski 377-380
On the Number of 2-Protected Nodes in Tries and Suffix Trees PostScript PDF
Jeffrey Gaither, Yushi Homma, Mark Sellke, Mark Daniel Ward 381-398
Analysis of Digital Expansions of Minimal Weight PostScript PDF
Florian Heigl, Clemens Heuberger 399-412
Mixing times of Markov chains on 3-Orientations of Planar Triangulations PostScript PDF
Sarah Miracle, Dana Randall, Amanda Pascoe Streib, Prasad Tetali 413-424
Toward the asymptotic count of bi-modular hidden patterns under probabilistic dynamical sources: a case study PostScript PDF
Loïck Lhote, Manuel E. Lladser 425-452
Infinite Systems of Functional Equations and Gaussian Limiting Distributions PostScript PDF
Michael Drmota, Bernhard Gittenberger, Johannes F. Morgenbesser 453-478
Simply generated trees, conditioned Galton-Watson trees, random allocations and condensation: Extended abstract PostScript PDF
Svante Janson 479-490

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