23rd Intern. Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms (AofA'12)

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The present volume collects the proceedings of the Aofa'12, 23st International Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms held at the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques at Université de Montreal, Canada, between June 18-22, 2012. The conference builds on the communities of the former series of conferences ``Mathematics and Computer Science'' and ``Analysis of Algorithms'', and aims at studying rigorously the combinatorial objects which appear in particular as data structures, algorithms, models of networks and as well as the essential ubiquitous combinatorial structures. The program committee selected submissions covering this wide range of topics. The regular papers were presented in 30-minute talks, and short abstracts in presentations of 15 minutes. They all appear in the present volume.

The conference included five invited plenary lectures:

  • Michael Drmota (TU Vienna, Austria): Extremal parameters in critical and subcritical graph classes
  • Svante Janson (Uppsala, Sweden): Simply generated trees, conditioned Galton-Watson trees, random allocations and condensation
  • Amin Coja-Oghlan (Warwick, UK): Phase transitions and computational complexity
  • Claire Mathieu (Brown, USA): Algorithms for optimization over noisy data
  • Avi Wigderson (IAS, USA): Population Recovery via Partial Identification

We thank the members of the steering and program committees for their involvement. We also thank the invited speakers, and the authors of the contributed papers. We express our gratitute to the people at CRM and especially Louis Pelletier for their invaluable help in making sure that the meeting went smoothly. We are also grateful to the editor-in-chief of DMTCS Jens Gustedt for his help in the compilation of the proceedings.

Finally, our special thanks go to the sponsors of the conference for their contributions: CRM, Inria, and NSERC.

Nicolas Broutin and Luc Devroye, Editors

Steering Committee:

  • Brigitte Chauvin (Versailles, France)
  • Luc Devroye (McGill, Canada)
  • Michael Drmota (TU Vienna, Austria)
  • Daniel Panario (Carleton, Canada)
  • Robert Sedgewick (Princeton, USA)
  • Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue, USA)
  • Brigitte Vallée (Caen, France)

Program Committee:

  • Frédérique Bassino, Paris 13, France
  • Jit Bose, Carleton, Canada
  • Nicolas Broutin (co-chair), Inria, France
  • Philippe Chassaing, Nancy, France
  • Julien Clément, Caen, France
  • Luc Devroye (co-chair), McGill, Canada
  • Uriel Feige, Weizmann, Israel
  • Alan Frieze, Carnegie-Mellon, USA
  • Bernhard Gittenberger, TU Vienna, Austria
  • Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Philippe Jacquet, Inria, France
  • Colin McDiarmid, Oxford, UK
  • Mike Molloy, Toronto, Canada
  • Ralph Neininger, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Marc Noy, Barcelona, Spain
  • Daniel Panario, Carleton, Canada
  • Alois Panholzer, TU Vienna, Austria
  • Bruno Salvy, Inria, France
  • Mohit Singh, McGill, Canada
  • Brigitte Vallée, Caen, France
  • Mark Ward, Purdue, USA
  • Nicolas Broutin
  • Luc Devroye

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